Introducing PEER Agriculture
Solutions to Australia

SKF, together with its brand PEER,
provides solutions and products for
equipment in all stages of the crop cycle

What if you could reduce downtime by using a more sustainable technology?

What if productivity could be increased with easier installation and replacement?  

With optimally designed components, it can be.
Spend more time farming and less time repairing and maintaining, with agricultural equipment that makes a difference.

PEER Agriculture Solutions Overview: 

Every generation of farmer wants to do better than the generations that came before. Farmers today have access to more technology and equipment that helps them be as productive as possible. But downtime, whether it’s unplanned or scheduled maintenance, can impact that productivity and reduce efficiency.

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With a full standard assortment from SKF, and complementary, customer-specific solutions from PEER, farmers can access a
best-in-class bearing logistic network with global availability. On top of this, using SKF and PEER solutions can increase
machine reliability with lower TCO and operating costs, as well as improve machine availability to boost productivity.



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Achieve more with less

Every farm is different, whether it's size, location, elevation, climate, soil structure or crop rotation. But the equipment farmers need to use to work the land has to cope with many of the same challenges, particularly mud, debris, extreme weather, corrosive chemicals, periods of inactivity and then intense periods of work.

SKF and PEER provide solutions for all stages of the crop cycle, with a full range of standard and more tailored customer-specific solutions available.

SKF Agri Bearings Spreadsheet


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SKF agricultural solutions

Every new generation farmer wants to do better than the one before. Watch the story of how SKF is working and helping companies in the agriculture industry.

Whether you're designing agricultural equipment or using it to farm, high availability of machinery is crucial to meet productivity requirements. Using SKF Agri Hubs as a solution can make it possible:

  • Longer service life
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Save time and increase productivity

See the Agri Hub range overview.

Agri Hub T200: reliability for large farms

Agri Hub T200: reliability for large farms >

Designed as a heavy-duty alternative to standard-sized hub units, SKF Agri Hub T200 for tillage connects disc harrow arms to larger diameter tillage discs (>610 mm/24 in.). By combining larger components and a unique dual sealing system, the T200 has a designed life cycle of up to 200 000 hectares in optimal conditions. This makes it a good option for large, intensive farming operations where constant uptime is vital.
Built to extend the capabilities of the standard SKF Agri Hub units for tillage, SKF Agri Hub T200 for tillage units deliver.

  • 11% more bearing loading capacity
  • 30% larger shaft
  • 40% thicker steel flange
  • 50% larger seal contact area

  • SKF Agri Hub T100 for tillage - up to 100 000 hectares

    SKF Agri Hub T100 for tillage - up to 100 000 hectares >

    Extensive lab and field tests reveal that SKF Agri Hub T100 for tillage discs can deliver several benefits for OEMs and end-users alike and has a designed life cycle of up to 100 000 hectares in optimal conditions.
    Suitable for virtually any agricultural implement arm, the SKF Agri Hub T100 for tillage discs is a robust, easy-fit hub solution. The unit features a flanged outer ring that is pre-drilled and tapped to accommodate a disc and a stationary inner ring that is fitted with a threaded stub shaft.

    SKF Agri Hub S20 for seeding

    SKF Agri Hub S20 for seeding >

    Featuring a robust, five-lip seal, the SKF Agri Hub S20 for seeding discs delivers relubrication-free performance for up to 20 000 hectares in optimal conditions. This advanced seal design includes steel inserts to protect against solid contaminants, different lip designs for different operating conditions, and an outermost and innermost lip to prevent contaminant ingress and grease leakage.
    A double-row deep groove ball bearing with a metal-sheet flange provides additional strength, further helping OEMs lower warranty costs and improve customer satisfaction. With the Agri Hub S20 you can extend planter service life by up to 40% and cut lifetime maintenance and ownership costs by up to 20%.

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    SKF Seals

    SKF have a wide range of industrial radial shaft seals.
    With different designs to suit any focus, rating and speed requirements, there's an SKF seal for every agricultural task.
    The application-specific agricultural products offer a high-performance solution designed to reduce the need for relubrication, saving precious hours needed for field work. The seal design significantly improves contamination exclusion compared to conventional triple-lip seal design.

    Explore the range in more detail Talk to us Learn more about Mudblock seals MUD11