Reliability reinvented

Increase lubrication performance with the new SL-6 injector.

With an SKF Lincoln automatic lubrication system you have taken a giant step towards increased productivity.

Your lubrication system makes sure lubricant constantly flows to bearings, pins and bushings. It lubricates your machines while in motion, overcoming loads and allowing grease to protect all wear surfaces. With less maintenance, less time spent on manual greasing, reduced grease consumption and longer component life, you will experience return on your investment.

Make sure to keep up the reliability.

The new SL-6 injector helps improve lubrication reliability

  • Long-lasting performance even with harsh greases

  • Reduced risk of leakage

  • Quicker repairs – less downtime

  • Reduced plumbing costs of new lubrication systems

  • Retrofittable to existing applications