What is overlooked when reducing
risks to food safety?

In a world where proactive food safety has become essential and hygiene takes top priority in asset design - what if one potential source of contamination is coming from bearings in the proximity of food zones?

increase in USDA
and FDA food
recalls since 2012.

of food recalls are due to
bacterial contamination
and undeclared allergens.

(€8 million)
is the average cost
of a significant food recall.

SKF Ball Bearing Washdown
SKF Ball Bearing Washdown

Q: How clean is 'clean' around and behind the bearings after washdown?

What's your guess? Tick a box to reveal the answer

A: Number of bacteria remains high and can even increase after cleaning

B: Number of bacteria remains high and can even increase after cleaning

C: Number of bacteria remains high and can even increase after cleaning

How can bacteria enter the bearings and spread as the result of a cleaning regime?

Inform your peers about this unconsidered risk.

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To truly assess your HACCP risk points, you need to re-examine how bearing units around the food zone could impact food safety

In this ebook, you’ll gain new insights how reliability efforts can negatively impact food safety, but also what you can do to mitigate the risks, and how you can further influence upon cost, output and environmental targets.

Help your peers avoid food safety issues.

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Food safety is as important to SKF as it is to you.

That's why we developed the new Food Line ball bearing units.


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SKF’s new hygienically designed, food safe ball bearing units

How it works?

What you can achieve

Reduce the risk to food safety by choosing bearing units designed for hygiene and relubrication-free.

Watch the comparative washdown test by microbiology and hygiene experts at RISE.

Let your peers know why hygienically
designed and relubrication free units are better.

See what people just like you say after pre-testing the product

“After 6 months trouble free operation – these bearings look so much cleaner compared to the previous bearings we were using .”

Reliability Engineer- Food canning plant

“Not having to re-lubricate and then remove the excess grease that always seems to be on these bearing units is so helpful to us.”

Maintenance Manager - Carbonated drinks producer

“So pleased to see a blue colored unit, this means our detection systems should be able to identify contaminating parts if there was a problem on units mounted close to the process.”

Operations Supervisor - Ready made food plant

“The time taken on relubrication activities is a constant issue for us as one of our KPI's is time given to Continuous Improvement activities, genuine reliable relubrication free application is so important for this and several other reasons of course.”

Maintenance Technician - Drinks canning plant